Our plan management services are free of charge for every NDIS participant.

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What we offer

  • A dedicated Plan Manager who will guide you, personally
  • We pay your invoices fast (3-5 business days)
  • We explain what exactly your plan can buy
  • Easy online dashboard
  • Live budget tracker

Plan Management is cost-free for you. The NDIS pays for our service. You will get extra funding for it, in addition to your regular disability funding.

Just tell the NDIS and they add it to your plan.

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“The Provider Choice team is happy to help me, even with unusual requests. I don’t feel like I am just a number and feel that I have choice and control with how to utilise my plan effectively.”
“Provider Choice are very diligent and prompt when processing invoices. Support workers and workers within my plan are paid in a speedy manner. Provider Choice also takes the strain off knowing what can and can’t be reimbursed.”

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