Free NDIS Plan Explainer Tool

Do you want to understand the language in your NDIS plan and learn how to make the most of your funding? Our free plan explainer tool is here to help.

How will this tool help you?

Our free tool will help you understand what your funding really means. Simply upload your plan and instantly see what your budget can cover.  The plan explainer tool will help you:
Understand your funding
Understand your funding and what you can spend it on
Get to know the different support types
Get to know the three different types of support budgets the NDIS might fund in your plan (Core, Capacity Building and Capital Supports)
Track your goals
Take notes and proactively track your progress toward your goals
Find answers to common questions
Find answers to commonly asked questions in the ‘Information’ tab

How does it work?

With the free plan explainer tool, you can easily make sense of your plan and what’s included in your funding. Here are the simple steps to get started:
The free Plan Reassessment tool will give you the confidence to you need to make sure this critical meeting is a success. Plus, when you use the tool, you’ll also get a personalised PDF guide with plan reassessment tips tailored just for you. Here’s all you need to do:

Want to fast track the process?

For a faster alternative, simply upload your plan using the provided box to swiftly access and explore the various sections of the tool, including Insights, Goals, and Information.
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Why is it important to understand your NDIS plan?

Your NDIS plan outlines what support and services you are entitled to. By understanding your plan, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about your funding and better communicate with your support team.

What is the difference between Core, Capacity Building, and Capital Supports?

  • Core Supports

The Core Supports budget is used for assistance that will help you to improve daily living skills. This may include getting dressed, preparing meals and transportation around town.

  • Capacity Building Supports

The Capacity Building Supports budget allows you to build skills necessary for a healthy lifestyle, connecting with others and academic success. Typically, this budget is used for therapy services.

  • Capital Supports

The Capital Supports budget includes assistive technology, equipment and modifications to accommodate your needs. This budget can also be used to pay for specialist disability accommodation.

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