Free NDIS Planning Conversation Tool

Get prepared for your first NDIS planning meeting in just a few minutes.

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How will this tool help you?

Our tool will prepare you for questions that might pop up during your first NDIS planning conversation and help you:
Feel more confident
Feel confident and clear about the goals you want to achieve
Know what you can ask for
Understand which services and supports you can ask for to help you reach your goals
Put forward your case
Put forward your case for services and supports by making sure you have all the key points ready to go
Feel prepared for the meeting
Be in the best position to receive the funding you need

How does it work?

Our simple online tool will lead the way. Once completed, we will give you a personalised PDF guide with planning conversation tips tailored just for you.
The free Plan Reassessment tool will give you the confidence to you need to make sure this critical meeting is a success. Plus, when you use the tool, you’ll also get a personalised PDF guide with plan reassessment tips tailored just for you. Here’s all you need to do:

What is an NDIS planning conversation?

If you’ve just found out you’re eligible for NDIS funding, it's time to prepare for your planning conversation. A planning conversation is a meeting with an NDIS representative where you discuss the supports, services and products you need, which will be used to decide the funding you'll receive in your new NDIS plan. It was previously and is sometimes known as a planning meeting.

Why do I need to prepare for the planning conversation?

If you’re prepared for your first NDIS planning meeting, you’ll have a better chance of getting the funding you need. Preparing for this conversation will also help you be more confident and know exactly which documents to organise, who to bring and what to say.

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