Invoicing for PACE participants

What is PACE?

PACE is the NDIA’s new computer system. It will eventually replace the Agency’s existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This new system is designed to improve connections between participants and the NDIS. These improved connections will allow NDIA staff and partners to have more time supporting people with disability to access supports.

PACE plans have already started to be rolled out, with many Provider Choice participants now having PACE plans.

Instead of having Service Bookings, participants will endorse their chosen Plan Manager under the PACE system. Endorsing a Plan Manager will give the provider access to the funding under that plan from the date of endorsement only.

The endorsement date is not necessarily the start date of the participants plan. If this is the case, the participant/nominee will need to contact the NDIS to adjust the endorsement date to the start date of the plan in order for us to access funds for the entire plan period.

Provider Choice needs to be recorded as the participants ‘Plan Manager’ in order to process invoices.

If we have been unable to process your invoice due to not being listed as a Plan Manager, this means that the participant has not endorsed Provider Choice as their Plan Manager, or we have been endorsed incorrectly.

Sometimes we are endorsed under ‘My Provider’, however this does not endorse us as a Plan Manager. We need to be recorded under the ‘Plan Manager’ role in order to access the participant plan to process invoices. Sometimes we haven’t been endorsed at all.

You will need to contact the participant, nominee or Support Coordinator to discuss your invoice if:

  • Provider Choice is not recorded as a ‘Plan Manager’ on the participants PACE portal
  • the date of services on the invoice is prior to the date of endorsement
  • the category of services provided on the invoice is not included in the participants PACE plan (you can find out more about the updated PACE categories here: How have funding categories changed under PACE?)

We will email you to advise if any of the above applies to your invoice, so that you can take the next steps.

You can go to the NDIS Website My providers for further information.