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Introduction to PACE and the rollout

The NDIA is rolling out a new system called PACE, which will introduce scheme wide changes to processes, payments, funding categories and more. The roll out started in October 2023 and is estimated to take approximately 18 months (until March 2024).

Here at Provider Choice we’re committed to helping participants, families and providers navigate the NDIS. We’ve created (and will continue to do so) resources and tools to help you understand PACE, what’s changing and its impact.

Participants moving to PACE from October 30th 2023

  • All new participants entering the scheme
  • Existing participants with an active plan that need a change in circumstance.
  • Existing participants with an expiring plan between now and February 2024 that require major changes for their next plan.

Participants moving to PACE from February 2024

  • All existing participants in the NDIS, progressively. As plans expire, your new plans will be built in PACE.

PACE Resources


Script to help your call the NDIS and endorse the plan manager you want to work with.

Support Coordinator Resources

User friendly phone script to help participants endorse new plan managers under PACE.


Summary guide: PACE and upcoming changes to the NDIS for support coordinators and recovery coaches


Simple, easy to read summary highlighting key facts and changes related to PACE.

Webinar Recording

How the NDIS is changing with PACE and what it means for support coordinators and recovery coaches


Hosted by Jonathan Salgo, this webinar covers key changes under PACE and how these can impact support coordinators and their participants.

Want to chat to our team about PACE?

Frequently Asked Questions about PACE

Looking to chat to our team about PACE?

Provider Choice is PACE ready. Our systems, processes and people have been updated and up skilled to support participants and support coordinators with the transition.

If you’d like to speak to a local community engagement manager about PACE, let us know by filling out the form. 

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