Planning Meeting

Relax. We have a magic tool to get you meeting-ready.

It's normal to be nervous ahead of NDIS meetings - whether it's your very first conversation or your plan review. What if you say the wrong thing and miss out on funding?

Our plan managers know exactly how these meetings work. They've developed a free, easy-to-use online tool with all the talking points you need.

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Pre-planning Tool

Don't worry. Our experts have you covered.

Our team will prepare you for the most common questions you'll face during the NDIS meeting.

√ Learn to set the right goals.

√ Know which therapies and aids you can ask for.

√ Convincingly argue your case.

√ Receive the budget you need.

Let our easy web tool guide you. Afterwards, we'll send you a personal pre-planning guide, tailored for your situation. You can also call us and we'll talk you through.