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Make sense of your NDIS plan, manage your funds more effectively and let our Plan Managers help guide you through your NDIS journey.

New to plan management
Switching plan managers
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Rouba Mansour
Plan Manager
"I'm here to reach out and help our participants in any way I can, to make a difference in their lives for the better."
Plan Manager at Provider Choice
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Emily King
Plan Manager
"I understand that you can only solve a problem well if you first take the time to listen, which means I will hear you out and care about what you have to say, ready to find a solution."
Ashley Brooks
Plan Manager
"Ensuring invoices are paid on time or advising what services can be accessed can be life changing for our participants and their families. To be involved in that process is a blessing."
Rouba Mansour
Plan Manager
"I'm here to reach out and help our participants in any way I can, to make a difference in their lives for the better."
Richard Paul
Plan Manager
"Nothing is too much of an ask for me. I'm here for our participants and every day is filled with opportunities to be a great day helping our participants with anything they need."
Sheli Spector
Plan Manager
"Working at Provider Choice has given me the ability to make it easier for participants who struggle to navigate the complexities of the NDIS, and that gives me purpose."
Jessica Barlow
Plan Manager
"Being a plan manager allows me to fulfil my passion of connecting with people, understand their story and then be able to make informed decisions about how best I can help them."
Sally Hansen
Customer Experience Lead
"Creating small "magic" moments for our participants everyday is what working at Provider Choice is all about for me, ensuring each participant is seen as an individual."

We help with more than just invoice processing

NDIS plan managers who care

Our plan managers are real people who care about you and your needs. Their solid knowledge of the NDIS and disability sector will help you have control over your plan and funding.

A helpful dashboard

A dashboard for tracking and managing your budget in real time, giving you full visibility of your invoices and funds.

A screenshot of the plan management dashboard

of our invoices this month were processed within 3 business days.


How our plan managers can help you

We take care of handling payments, claims, and managing your NDIS budget, so you can focus on finding the right supports and providers that suit your needs and goals. 

Personal plan managers
Our personal plan managers will give you tailored advice to get the most out of your plan.
Invoices paid fast
We typically pay your invoices within 2-3 business days.
Easy budgeting tools
Our easy-to-use budgeting tools let you monitor your NDIS funding in real time.
Keeping you in the loop
We'll send you notifications to prevent overspending & underspending.
More choice & control
Choose which providers you want to work with, even if they aren't registered with the NDIS.
Local plan managers
We have plan managers all across Australia who are ready to support you.

Free tools to help you throughout your NDIS journey

Plan Explainer Tool

Upload your plan to our Plan Explainer Tool and have a clear picture within seconds of what your specific funding package means and what you can spend your funding on.

Plan Reassessment

Is your NDIS plan review coming up? Be guided step by step through everything you need to know to get your next plan right.

Planning Conversation Tool

Get ready for your NDIS planning conversation (also known as a planning meeting) and make sure you get the funding that you need.

What people are saying

Mum of three, Provider Choice participant in QLD

“All I can say is WOW. I highly recommend Provider Choice! Our service providers are receiving payments within 3-5 days, which is absolutely amazing! Jonathan and the team are also extremely helpful and are always happy to answer any questions you may have..."

Carer and mother of one, NSW

“The Provider Choice team comes with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Not only have they supported me with my two plan-managed plans but they have also built my capacity and confidence to manage my two self-managed plans.”

A photo of a boy and father embracing each other

We've helped 15,000+ families

The NDIS system is bureaucratic, complex, and difficult to navigate and manage. That’s why we’re working to help thousands of families navigate their NDIS journey.

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A screenshot of the plan management dashboard

Resources to help you


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Webinar Recording

How to turn your child's NDIS plan into helpful supports

Plan Management

In this webinar for parents, we'll take you step-by-step through how to implement your child's NDIS plan. Whether you have received your first NDIS plan, a new plan or are expecting to enter the scheme soon - this webinar will clear the fog and help you do the most for your child.


Your Guide to NDIS Funding

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Learn the difference between Core, Capacity Building and Capital Supports funding with this expert written, pocket-sized funding guide.