What you need to know about refunds

I need to organise a refund. What’s the process?

If you need to refund an amount to Provider Choice, please use the below account details

  • Acc Name: TMBJCS Pty Ltd  
  • BSB: 082356
  • Acc No.: 917043707

Please quote the invoice number as reference for the payment and send us the remittance once payment is made to invoices@providerchoice.com.au.

Why don’t you accept credit notes?

Unfortunately, we can’t hold funds for participants. Our role as a NDIS Plan Manager is to process payments for invoices received for services that have occurred, or purchases that have been made. Each invoice must be submitted to the NDIA using the service date(s), line item(s) and amount(s) to truthfully represent the services/items received/purchased.

Participant NDIS plans have a start and end date and are divided into multiple categories where funds are not transferable.  Invoices that have been claimed to the NDIA for a specific service date, line item and amount must be for a service/item that was actually received/purchased on that date which matches the details of the claim.

For example, if a credit is retained by a provider for a cancelled Support Work service for Saturday 9th December 2023 and then applied to a future invoice with a service date of a weekday 21st February 2024, the NDIS claim for Saturday 9th December 2023 no longer matches the dates, services and item that was delivered. In addition, as plans end and change, there are risks of invoices being claimed and paid from the incorrect plan.

These claims would no longer be NDIS compliant.

To remain compliant, if there are changes to the services delivered or goods received, we require a refund so that any claimed funds are returned to the participants Service Booking.

I have amended an invoice after it was paid. Can I only refund the balance?

Yes, we now accept partial refunds.