What information do I need to include on my invoices?

Invoices with all of the following information meet the NDIS invoicing requirements and will allow our team to prioritise these invoices, ensuring faster payment and reducing any cause for delay.

Your business and invoice information

  • Provider name 
  • Australian business number (ABN) 
  • Payment details (BSB and account number) 
  • Email for remittance
  • Unique invoice number to avoid duplicate payments
  • Date of issue

The participant’s information

  • Participant’s full name
  • Participant’s NDIS number

The details of the support provided

  • NDIS support item number (as listed in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits
  • Brief description of the support provided 
  • Rate and quantity for each support provided 
  • Date and hours for each individual support item delivered 
  • GST component if applicable (most services are GST free)
    * Please note: If GST is applicable to a support, the price limit is inclusive of GST
  • Total amount due

Having the right information in the best possible format will ensure your invoices are processed quickly and meet the NDIS invoicing requirements. The ideal invoice includes all the information mentioned previously.

The best formatting for key information as per the below invoice example:

  1. Participant NDIS number: A number with 9-digits and no spaces in between.
  2. Support date/s: An individual date of when each support was delivered is provided per line item and not as a date range. 
  3. NDIS support item number: A number formatted as per the NDIS Support Catalogue for the relevant support provided is included in the description for each line item.