My invoice cannot be processed due to the services being outside of the plan dates - what does this mean?

All NDIS plans have a start and end date. Plan Managed participants have choice and control to choose who their Plan Manager will be at any time in their plan.

If a service you have provided is outside of the dates that we were the chosen Plan Manager for the participant, we will be unable to process these dates on the invoice.

You will need to speak with the participant, nominee or Support Coordinator to confirm how to claim your invoice. Some possible scenarios are:

  • the funds are NDIA Managed or Self-managed on the date of service
  • the service date is within a previous NDIS plan where a different Plan Manager managed the funds
  • the participant has changed Plan Managers mid-plan, and the services will need to be claimed from the new Plan Manager who now holds the plan funding for that date*

*Please note that when a participant changes Plan Managers mid-plan, all funds are released from the Service Booking for the new Plan Manager to create a Service Booking for the entire plan period.

For example, Plan Manager A is the Plan Manager for John Doe 02/02/2023 - 01/02/2024. On the 12/05/2023 John Doe moves to Plan Manager B. Plan Manager A will release all funding for John Doe, and Plan Manager B will create a service booking with the remaining funds for the full plan period 02/02/2023 - 01/02/2024 (not just from the 12/05/2023). Plan Manager A will no longer have access to process any invoices for John Doe. All invoices will need to be directed to Plan Manager B, regardless of date, for the remainder of the plan.