My invoice cannot be processed due to the category not being available - what does this mean?

There are three ways that a category of funding can be managed within a participants NDIS Plan:

  1. Self-managed: the participant, or their plan nominee or child representative, manages their own funding and pay their providers directly
  2. Agency-managed: the NDIA manage the funding and pay providers.
  3. Plan-managed: A registered Plan Manager (Provider Choice) manages the funding and pays your providers.

We are only able to claim for services provided that fall into Plan Managed funding categories.

If we are unable to process an invoice due to the category not being available, this may mean:

  • the category invoiced is not included in the participants NDIS plan
  • the category invoiced is Self-managed or Agency-Managed

It is best to speak with the participant, nominee or Support Coordinator to confirm the available plan funding and determine if the funding category is available and how it is managed. Plan Managers are unable to discuss a participant’s available funding with providers.

If an alternative Plan Managed category can be used for the service provided, you can amend the invoice and resubmit for payment to

You can find the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits on the NDIS website which includes all current line item numbers and supports to assist you when invoicing for NDIS participants.