My invoice cannot be processed due to insufficient funds - what do I do now?

There are times when we will be unable to process your invoice (either partially or at all) due to insufficient participant funds. This means that the participant you have invoiced for does not have sufficient funds remaining under the invoiced category/line item to claim the invoice.

There are two options:

  1. If there is an alternative line item you can invoice for, please amend the invoice and send it to so that we can reprocess the outstanding balance. If you are sending us an amended invoice - please ensure the invoice number is not changed so that we know this is an amendment.

    If you’re not sure which line item to use, you can discuss this with the participant/nominee or Support Coordinator. Plan Managers are unable to discuss a participant’s available funding with providers.

  2. If there is no alternative line item, we can submit the invoice to the NDIS as a manual payment request. We can only submit this request once the relevant NDIS plan has ended, and it is important to note that payment is at the discretion of the NDIS.

    In order to do this, the invoice will need to be amended to show the outstanding balance only (if partially paid), and will need to include all of the information found under Invoice Requirements on the NDIS website - Getting Paid. Failure to include all of this information will result in a payment rejection from the NDIS team.

If you are not familiar with NDIS pricing, the NDIS provides helpful resources for providers on their website: Pricing Arrangements.