Christie Bessant

Plan Manager
Christie has a strong professional history with the NDIS, having been at the forefront of the NDIS roll out in Queensland. She was in the sector when block funding was still at play. She even held the very first phone line at The Endeavour Foundation Head Office, answering NDIS questions before it went live in most of Australia. One thing was certain for Christie - this was a sector she loved. She worked as a Support Coordinator for many years before becoming a Plan Manager, which she finds as the perfect role for her to continue to help others pursue a fair, full and dignified life. She is an empathetic, relationship-oriented person and loves nothing more than seeing the participants she works with move from strength to strength. Outside of work, Christie loves to find herself in nature - this can look like a walk with her puppy, Luna or camping with friends and family. She also loves concerts and eating great food.

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