Why do I get conflicting answers from different planners?

Unfortunately, planners may provide different and conflicting answers from each other because of differences in their training or their perception of the situation.

But the NDIS understands how important it is that all planners are following the same steps and so the NDIS has made guidelines for them to follow.

You can find them at the NDIS Operational Guideline page: https://www.ndis.gov.au/about-us/operational-guidelines.

There are also other safeguards for you.
• You can ask for a review if you don’t think your plan is working well
• If you have just had your planning meeting but feel it didn't meet your needs, get in touch with your local NDIS office, LAC (local area coordinator) or early childhood organisation immediately and let them know. In many cases they will organise a new planning meeting with a new planner.