Carer and Family

Want to spend more time on what matters?

The NDIS can be stressful and complex for families and carers. That’s why we’re building Australia’s first comprehensive NDIS eMarketplace and plan management platform.

With Provider Choice, you and your loved one will have a free, personalised online NDIS dashboard to:

  • find quality service providers near you
  • buy services & products
  • manage your NDIS plan budget, calendar appointments, invoices and documents
  • share your experiences with a community of people just like you.

All in the one place.

We’ll even let you know what you can spend your funds on!

At ProviderChoice, we’re also a registered Plan Manager. We can help manage your provider services payments for you – It’s free to you and it won’t affect your NDIS funds. Click here to find out how.

Want to make your NDIS Easy? It’s free.